About Ripley Fechtmann

         I started out with a love for makeup at a very young age.  I was always asked by friends and family to do their makeup for events.  I slowly started growing my passion into a marketable career.  I now serve as a free-lance, professional, makeup-artist for a variety of events such as proms, weddings, maternity photos, senior photos, and much more. 

FAQ:    Why should someone hire a professional makeup artist?  

              -There are many benefits from color correction to formula choice that can enhance a                  person's natural beauty.  
              -Instead of stressing last minute, you can relax and be confident you will look great                      in all photography. 
             Do you have makeup for all skin types/colors?
             -Yes, I cater to any color and skin tone. All makeup is sanitized properly.  
             -For those with skin reactions, a pre-makeup application session is recommended to                 ensure compatibility.  

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